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Air & Space, livres en anglais - 10 euros

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Air & Space, livres en anglais - 10 euros
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10 euros chacun, livres en anglais sur les thèmes de l'aviation et de la conquête spatiale:

- Sound barrier. N. Duke, E. Lanchberry, Cassell & company Ltd, London (1954, 7th edition)

- The promise of space. A. Clarke, Harper & Row publishers (1968)

- Messerschmitt BF 109. R. Grinsell, Jane's publishing company Ltd (1980). ISBN 0710600348

- Messerschmitt BF 109 in action, part one. Aircraft No. 44. J. Beaman, Squadron/signal publications (1980). ISBN 0897471067

- Space Shuttle! The fascinating story of the new earth-space transportation system. G. Alexander, TWA services, Inc (1982)

- Conquest, a history of space achievements from science fiction to the shuttle. D. Baker, Hooland & Clark Limited (1984). ISBN 0947703004

- History of Nasa, America’s voyage to the stars. E. John, N. Dewaard, Exeter Books (1984). ISBN 0671069837

- An illustrated history of the Space Shuttle, US winged spacecraft: X-15 to Orbiter. M. Smith, Haynes publishing (1985). ISBN 0854294805

- Space Shuttle. B. Yenne, Bison Books (1987). ISBN 9780831779863

- Reaching for the stars, the illustrated history of manned spaceflight. P. Bond, Cassell books (1993). ISBN 0304340898

- Exploring the moon: the Apollo expeditions. D. Harland, Springer Praxis (1999). ISBN 9780387746418

- Challenges of human space exploration. M. Freeman, Springer Praxis (2000). ISBN 9781852332013

- Rocket and space corporation Energia: the legacy of Korolev. Collectif, Apogee Books (2001). ISBN 9781896522814

- US spacesuits, 1st edition. K. Thomas & H. McMann, Springer Praxis (2006). ISBN 9780387739793


Yvelines, Ile-de-France, France, Europe